Wordle has taken the world by storm. The web-based game sees millions of daily users of all ages. Whilst you may see friends of your age boasting about their Wordle successes over Facebook, from conversations around school, students are also engaging with this sensation.

Whilst Wordle is a game, and could be a short-lived fad (who knows), whilst it is encaptivating the world, why not use as a tool within our own teaching.

If you weren’t aware, it is possible to create your own Wordle puzzles and share these with people who you want to guess your word via a link. Custom Wordle’s can be of any word length. To create your own Wordle, visit https://mywordle.me/.

Start by typing in a word which could be a commonly misspelt word or a piece of vocabulary you would like students to learn or remember:

Once you have typed in your word, click “generate link”. This window below will appear where you can them copy the link which can then be pasted into Google Classroom and shared with your students:

Wordle’s are very quick to create and generate links for. Posting a few of these onto Google Classroom could make a great starter activity to revisit prior learner and knowledge of key vocabulary. Equally, they may useful as a plenary to check understanding or how well students can recognise or spell particular terminology.

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